"Cuir Magnifique" is first of all  soft, luxurious leather.

Before it was used to gloves and ladies' shoes, now expensive bags are made from it. In the smell of such on a skin, there is a light floral note, this note is strengthened with notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and freesia.

The aroma seems sweet due to a very tender cinnamon and vanilla, translucent amber and beans are thin.

Sensation of refinement and lightness of this perfume, give a sonorous bergamot, lemon and cedar, green notes of vetiver and artemisia, a cool violet leaf and iris root.

The last elegant touch is the merit of the elemi, with its fresh, slightly spicy flavor. A velvety, precious and highly refined perfume, for demanding elegant men, but also suitable for women, lovers of leather fragrances.

Surprisingly, it is revealed in different ways on the male and female skin. When it is worn by a man, the perfume seems more dense and saturated, bright and spicy, and the floral green notes are sharper. When it is worn by a woman, the leather notes seem more tender, the iris, the violet leaf and artemisia are more strongly felt, but the sweetness disappears completely.

A fragrance is a mystery, which you should definitely try to find out how it will turn out to be personally for you.