"L'Imperatrice Gardenia" is made of thick and sweet gardenia,

so natural that the whiteness of its petals seems to be visible

and its smoothness and density are palpable.


Gardenia is  a rare, foreign flower in the XVIII centuryaccessible only to the kings and the richest nobles, only to those who could afford the luxury of a greenhouse and a skilled gardener.


It strikes with its splendor, as once the beauty of the young princess Elizabeth Petrovna, entering the ballroom in white satin embroidered with silver and pearls.


"L'Imperatrice Gardenia" would not have been so beautiful if the gardenia was not framed by other sweet-smelling and white shining flowers: jasmine, tuberose and white lily. Sophistication flavor gives a fresh and keen fragrance of freesia and sweet peas in the upper notes. 

And depth - notes of sandalwood, tender vanilla and amber.