Russia knew different kings, but only one of them showed such a combination of external beauty, romanticism and religiosity with wisdom, cunning and political foresight of Alexander I.


"Majestueux Vetiver" is an amazing and mysterious fragrance, as fascinating and refined as Alexander I seemed, as courageous as he was, and as solemn as his reign.

The green, slightly smoky aroma of vetiver is inspired by the vibrant aromas of bergamot, grapefruit, cypress and sweet lavender. Stiffness and burning sharpness give it the fragrance of spices: black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. Luxury notes of patchouli, amber and vanilla create a velvety background, emphasizing the freshness of vetiver.


The aroma is so harmonious that it wants to be inhaled again and again. The invigorating spring freshness and clean air of the forest thicket, the aroma of lavender fields at the time of flowering and the wonderful fragrance of Italian gardens.


Try it - and it may well be your only, most loved fragrance.