"Tobacco Dynasty" is a bright and strong perfume, in which notes of tobacco and coffee are woven into the pattern of exotic Russian fragrances and distant wanderings. Madagascar vanilla, unsweetened, slightly smoked

- the smell is not a pastry shop, but natural vanilla pods! -

combined with a delicate, chocolate-rum flavor of tonka beans,

with a spicy fragrance of cinnamon, cardamon, anise and ginger. The background is the tarry sweetness of benzoin. This perfume pattern is beautiful in itself, but the delicate fragrance of the rose adds to the subtlety, reminiscent of the beautiful gardens of Peterhof - the "Russian Versailles" - which Peter decided to make more beautiful than Versailles near Paris. And the delicate, vanilla-powdery smell of heliotrope evokes associations with the fashion of the 18th century, powdered with the naked shoulders of ladies, he also gives the grace to the furious and hot Tobacco Dynasty.

"Tobacco Dynasty" - a bold aroma with a dense train and phenomenal firmness. Masculine despite the sweetness. But a woman with the character of the Amazon, she can come to taste, despite the tobacco and the bright aroma of spices.